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Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is an open world first-person tactical shooter developed by CI Games. It is the third entry in the Sniper: Ghost Warrior series.

For the first time in Sniper Ghost Warrior history, the Player is thrown into a truly Open World environment. Open maps with multiple locations provide distinct background for a great number of unique missions. Traverse the deadly landscapes haunted by the ghosts of over 2500 years of conflicts and bloody struggles. Take part in a Sandbox Sniper Experience!

The game is designed to be less linear than Ghost Warrior and Ghost Warrior 2, since the title is the first in the series to feature an open worldwhich can be freely explored by players. 

The open world is scattered with different activities and side missions which are known as "war crimes". These can be completed by players if they are not playing the main missions. According to CI Games, the title is designed to be accessible for both players who are new to the franchise or the genre, while tactical enough for more hardcore players.

The game is based on three different pillars: target, execute, and survive. Players are allowed to use different approaches to complete missions and defeat enemies, as maps are now larger and more open-ended. 

For instance, players can utilize stealth and melee combat to kill enemies, in gun and run style, or use the weapons or gadgets provided, like sniper rifles, to snipe enemies from a long distance.

The invaluable Recon Drone is a high-tech scouting device that provides unparalleled assistance in exploring the surroundings in deadly Caucasus environment. Spot enemy patrols lurking through the countryside before they surprise you.

Scout enemy outposts from a safe distance to prepare best tactic for the perfect strike. Expand your options by crafting mods that improve the drone's functionality. Detect hazards and structural weaknesses, hack computers and cameras from a safe distance and more! Utilize the friendly eye in the sky the way you want it!

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