U.S.A Beauty Care Face Out Whitening Soap – 50gm

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USA Whitening Beauty Care Face Out - For Black Spot 


Key Features

  •     Powerful whitening in a small soap
  •     Contains natural Thai ginseng herbal extracts
  •     Rejuvenates, stimulates and whitens naturally
  •     Made in small batches for highest quality
  •     Visible effect in 7 days
  •     Eco friendly product

USA Whitening Beauty Care Face Out For Black Spot Mask on Face Basic cleansing soap with beta-hydroxy, a natural plant-based anti-bacterial and anti-acne agent recognized by science as effective on stressed skin, whitening clear and smooth younger.

Ingredients: Coconut OilBHA, Ginseng, Soapbase, Moisturizer 

Direction: Use on the face with warm water then smoothly scrub on the affected areas, massage creamy lather into the skin then rinse.

Net wt. : 50g. per Each Box Condition

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