How To Place Order

                                                     How To Place Order

                                              Help For Call Us 0777-366-954

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                     Our most Promising Supershop Care Division will book your order Instantly with your Conformation.   


  •  Whatsapp/Messenger/Sms Orders

To order please send us below details 

Your Name:

Delivery Address: -

Email Id: -

Country (if not Sri Lanka ):-

WhatsApp number: -

Product code or product name: -

Quantity :-

Preferred method to contact (email, sms, WhatsApp): -

( 0777366954 / time :10:00AM - 6:00PM )

* Cash on delivery within Colombo*

* Out-of-Colombo bank transfer

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1.First select One Item On Our Site



                                                                                        Click To Full Image

2.Now Click Add To Cart


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3.Now Click ' Checkout' 


                                                                                       Click To Full Image

4.New Customer You Can Creat Account From Here Or If You Dont Want Account You can Tick " GUEST

Then Click Continue


                                                                                         Click To Full Image

5.Fill Your All Information 

                                                                                       Click To Full Image

6.Fill Your Delivery Details ( Where To Ship)


                                                                                        Click To Full Image

7.Select Your Delivery Method 

Shipping Cost You Can See Here 


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8. Select Your payment Method ( * Card payment Coming Soon) 

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8.Check And Verify Your Products Click Confirm order


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